How They See You: 4 Reasons Why Image Matters

How They See You: 4 Reasons Why Image Matters

Image is our expression to the world. Yes, our image can be a physical expression of who we are. But it could also be social or cultural traditions we hold dear. When we think of our image (or our self-image), it’s common that we tend to think physically, but that isn’t all there is to what we consider our image. Our image also comprises of mental, emotional, and even spiritual aspects as well. Today we’ll explore four reasons of why image matters.

1. Feeling Good About Your Image Enhances Your Mood


First things, first. When you feel positive about your image, it immediately enhances your mood. Clothing and accessories can be used to make a statement or convey a mood. Evidence supports that a positive self-image makes you feel good, and at Alchemy, we have a longstanding belief that fashion is self-care. Yet, when it is all said and done, how you feel about yourself and what you want to be known for should be your most important and central influence.

Start by making a list of any wonderful qualities you have now, and list qualities you don’t quite have but would like to develop. This is a strong starting point for exploring and identifying your feelings about your image and further developing it.

2. Developing Your Image Will Help Lead You to Success


Identifying how you feel about your image is an important part of developing it. Whether you’re cultivating your style or just becoming happy about the wonderful qualities you possess, enhancing and developing your image can help set the stage for new success in your life. Then as you grow, change, and evolve as a person, likely so will your image. And the best part, and yet the hardest, of developing your image is simply owning that whatever it is (or that you want it to be) will be something uniquely yours.

“What qualities am I looking to have?” and then go after it. Make a list and celebrate a recent accomplishment like a promotion, upgrade your presence with a new wardrobe.

3. Take Charge and Own Your Image

While our image can be about our physical appearance, we shouldn’t neglect the other aspects of our image, such as what we find mentally or spiritually stimulating. Taking charge of your image is empowering! Something like sharing your career interest with a boss or colleague can showcase your career talent or interests and improve your image at work as an enthusiastic employee. Perhaps every morning, you pray or do morning affirmations, and you become known for being a warm person. Strive for your own inner transformation because a healthy dose of self-confidence looks great on everyone. 



4. Developing Your Image is Both a Personal and Professional Skill

It’s important to remember that developing (and maintaining) your image takes work and practice in both our personal and professional lives. Who we choose to become and how we craft our image and character can really be a game changer. It takes doing the same actions for 21 days to make it a habit. Whether you’re just starting to work on your self-image or already a pro, invest time into developing this skill.

Your image matters. What students, moms, executives, and fashion industry experts all have in common is this journey of discovering and developing our self-image. Yet the eventual outcome for each of us is bound to be unique. And by focusing on discovering and developing our personal image, we honor ourselves.

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