3 Steps to Uncover Your Style Personality Once and For All

3 Steps to Uncover Your Style Personality Once and For All

So what exactly is style personality? The word style is defined as a manner of doing something, while personality is defined as “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.” So our style personality is how we combine personally distinct qualities and characteristics into our fashion. 

While some people may be more attuned to their style personality than others, we ALL have one. If you think you don’t have a style personality or are struggling to identify it, follow these three easy steps to uncover your style personality once and for all. It takes a little effort, but with an intentional look through your closet, life, and fashion tastes, you will see just how much of it is already there. 

1. Review What You Have and Wear 

The most important part of fashion is how you feel (or want to feel) in what you wear. Take note if you know you have a habit of wearing a bright color when you’re happy or love to incorporate a particular accessory or style when wearing something work-related. 

There are likely a lot of clues and cues to your style personality right in your closet. Take the time to go back through your wardrobe and note your favorite clothes and accessories. Focus on what you already have, what you wear often, and why. Revisiting your previous and current tastes will deepen your sense of personal fashion. 

2. Start Defining Your Personal Style

Reviewing your closet isn’t going to be a passive thing you do. It should lead you to start defining and understanding your own fashion theory. Ask yourself questions about what’s been in your closet: Are there colors, styles, and patterns you have or had a lot of? Think about how you feel about them now versus when you first bought them. 

If you want to take yourself to the next level, complement your efforts by creating a mood board on Pinterest to get a fresh look at your fashion tastes. It’s a great way to define and become confident in your personal style. You should remember to include things you’ve tried in the past and want to try in the future to get a good overall look at yourself. Trust us. It’s worth the extra time and effort.

3. Keep Exploring and Evolving

Yes, even after all of this, you will constantly be re-exploring yourself through your closet. You will be spending even more time evaluating what you wear, what you used to wear, and why because our style personalities are constantly evolving—always changing—just thinking about seasonal and lifestyle changes such as weight loss or weight gain. There is a pretty universal acceptance that your style changes and evolves. Just think about seasonal and lifestyle changes like weight loss or weight gain. Exploration and transformation are at the heart of fashion’s evolution.

So remember that when you are defining and re-defining your fashion theory, pinning cute items on interest, or doing an overhaul of things that aren’t your style anymore, you are using, building, and defining your style personality. Personal fashion is for everybody, and these three easy steps will always help you uncover and rediscover your style personality. 

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